Resin Art

This mixed media Art is mostly Sea & Crystal Inspired, creating abstract art expressing her love for the sea & nature. Hazel uses resin pouring, acrylics, healing crystals, stones, crystals, shells, sand, flowers etc. to create wonderful colourful, textured, calming pieces.  You can request a bespoke piece using any colour theme and crystals of your choice – Your piece will be made especially for you! Pieces can vary in size, up to 6ft.

Hazel is Passionate about creating Geode inspired Resin Wall Art using Crystals, Healing Crystals, Stones and much more. The Healing Crystals added allows the benefits of crystals to your home expressing positive energies through the Art. So not only is this a Luxurious and beautiful art to admire it also has benefits of attracting these wonderful energies to you and your home. You can order one of these pieces using crystals of your choice such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, etc. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your desired piece.

Each piece is an Original and Unique. If you wish to discuss ordering a bespoke piece of your choice please send an enquiry here. Shop Resin Art here.